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About us


We are a company specializing in troubleshooting and maintaining heating systems, air conditioning systems, renewable energy systems and sanitary installations, led by :
Mister Manou Mond, Dipl. Ing. Fachhochschule Esslingen.
Based on our longstanding family tradition of quality service we are available 24/7.

In case of a major heating failure or a leak we guarantee service within the same day.


Every member of our initial team has more than…


Thanks to our professional software we guarantee an adapted…

A Team

Thermond could be incorporated thanks to the team that…

Our Values

Quality – Competency – Service Orientation – Organisation –…


We visited Pimlico Plumbers
We visited Pimlico Plumbers In July Manou visited the best and most successful plumber in the World, Charlie…


Leak search
En cas de fuite, TherMond vous dépanne endéans quelques heures. Une fuite nécessite souvent plusieurs interventions. A notre première intervention nous fermons l’eau afin d’éviter…



E-Mail :
Address : 40 rue des Bruyères
L-1274 Howald
Phone : +352 20 60 10 10
Fax : +352 20 60 10 10 20
24/7 Support : 20 60 10 10 or on 20 60 10 10 60
Monday til Friday from 8h00 til 17h00