About us


Every member of our initial team has more than 10 years of experience in our field. The continuous training allows us to guarantee you the best quality.


Thanks to our professional software we guarantee an adapted organization and thuiChauffages deliver the best service in Luxembourg. We put everything in motion to fix your issue in a sole visit. In order to guarantee the best service we take the necessary time to care for your installation. We live the German proverb “Jeder Handgriff sitzt”.


A Team

Thermond could be incorporated thanks to the team that composes thUnser Teame company today. Our main adavantages are the seriousness and motivation of our employees that invest their whole nbergy to provide optimal service for our clients.


Our Values

Quality – Competency – Service Orientation – Organisation – Honesty

The employees of Thermond know the needs of their clients and respect their facilities as their own home.